Al Gore's Challenge

This past week saw Al Gore gave a speech on a challenge he threw out to the United States to become carbon free. Just like when he launched an Inconvieneint Truth (which he won an oscar for), his challenge has generated a lot of buzz and a lot of discussion. I have envisioned this blog to be forward-looking and the future. I wanted to feature his comments on MSNBC so that there is a clear understanding of what he is envisioning. There is of course T. Boone Pickens who is investing a Billion Dollars (that is Billion with a "B") in Wind Power. The trend is beginning. There are a few obstacles before such visionaries: The Oil Companies, complacent political leaders, trucking companies, etc., etc. But, the challenge is before us. As one ordinary face, I plan on also talking about in a forward-looking upbeat way to envision a future that is indeed possible. We are the stewards of this blessing called the Earth. We have to be responsible about it. Our record is one of irresponsibility. Maybe that will change. If it changes, it is thanks to Al Gore.

Here is the Webcast:

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Phil said...

We speak of the "difficulties" such as the lobbies and les than sympathetic representatives. How can we overcome this? The American nation is in such a state of nonchalance and poor journalism that the proposects for meeting a ten year goal seem very difficult. There is no general upheaval or sense of frustration over global warming that I can tell. If we can't get the American people on board, can we really expect our congress to do it? Semipolitico.com