Zimbabwe....When will the suffering stop?

The MDC Leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, withdrew from the Presidential Run-off Election on Sunday. Who will blame him? His followers have been threatened, beaten and murdered. His second in command has been charged with treason. Mr. Tsvangirai himself has been detained a number of times. Because he was fearful for his safety, Mr. Tsvangirai had to take refuge in the Dutch Embassy. The MDC's headquarters was raided and mostly women and children were arrested and taken away for "hygiene" reasons--according to the so-called Police. Yet, the President of South Africa called for more dialogue. The time for dialogue is past. How many more people must die? When will the suffering stop? There is only one solution and one solution only: SADC must step up in unisom and tell Mugabe he has to go. As for the people of Zimbabwe, they have already spoken with their feet. Is Thabo Mbeki blind? Does he not see that this so-called "quiet diplomacy" has failed?
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