Zimbabwe's misery continues. Mugabe just made a vow never to allow the opposition to run Zimbabwe, calling them traitors. Mugabe is the traitor, along with all the cronies who have gotten fat and rich around him by abusing that country. I tried contacting the South African Embassy in Washington via their website and got an errro message. I drafted an e-mail which I have noted here:


I just read the harrasement that the Zimbabwean Opposition has been subjected to. I also read Mugabe's pronoucement that he will not allow the opposition to run Zimbabwe. I hope that someone will tell your President that he ought to be ashamed and tell Mugabe to respect the will of the people. What is your President afraid of? Respect for elders is one thing....but when elders stop acting like elders and start acting like children--then the adults have to step in. How can South Africa even allow this to go on? If the justification is to help the people of Zimbabwe, then help them by insuring that the true will of the people is reflected. The people of Zimbabwe are hungry...the so-called government is using food as a weapon...the army commander has said that the army has to vote for Zanu-PF. I thought an Army had to serve the nation, not one man. And, South Africa is guilty--and your President is responsible.

I will conclude by reminding you that the so-called policy of "quiet diplomacy" of the Reagan years here in the United States prolonged the misery of the South African People. South Africa has been a model of racial tolerance and about truly what is possible. Although the gap between the rich and poor is a wide as ever and the crime rate is simply unacceptable, there are still possiblities. But, if the ANC is not wise enough, South Africa may well become another Zimbabwe and another African failure. For the sake of Africa, I pray that South Africa underscores it. Botswana was brave enough to do it. Why is South Africa asleep? Wasn't the riots a warning sign?

I am sure that I will get a standard thank you response back with no action. But at least someone had to speak up for the poor and the forgotten. Someone had to speak up for Biti of the MDC who has been agitating for change and has ended up paying a terrible price for it. When the misery ends is anyone's guess....
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