The U.S. Healthcare System: A Personal Retrospective

I have been meaning to comment On the U.S. Health care System and how broken it is. I have seen a drastic increase in what my own firm is paying for my health care expense right now. Clive Crook of the Financial Times (http://www.ft.com) pointed out in his column titled "How to cure America's Health care System" that we in the United States spend 16 percent of our Gross Domestic Product on Health care. But he rightly pointed out that there is no value delivered for the money. Yes, Standard of care is excellent. But, standard of care is not as important for someone who can't get access to it. Mr. Crook noted a book by Ezekiel Emanuel that talks about potential solutions. The fact remains that the system as it stands now simply does not work. I have personally had to deal with it. And I dread the day when I get sick because I am reminded of John Kerry's admonition "never to get sick.." because the alternative is simply dreadful.

I hope that the Presidential Candidates are listening. We in the United States are already bankrupt. Ross Perot reminded us of this fact this week when he hit the Internet with his new website. At least we can try and do something about it if we commit as a nation to emerge from this corporate-owned state within a state which seem to be a power onto themselves without any regard for the future. Do we have the courage? I wonder.....
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