Tim Russert

Tim Russert, the Host of the NBC News Program Meet the Press, died today of a heart attack. As one of his millions of fans, I truly enjoyed his smart, even handed and profound insight on the state of politics in our country. He asked the tough questions. He was prepared. He understood how important it was to be truthful to the awesome responsiblity that a journalist had. Listening to him either in the mornings was one of the higlights of my Sunday. I urged my politics students to check out his interviews with all the candidates. I could not wait sometimes until the webcast was available on MSNBC. I am also right now watching CNN and all the tributes. It is well deserved. I also have had word that the entire NBC Washington Bureau is in shock and tears. I can understand why. They have lost a beloved leader who truly served as an inspiration.

As a tribute to him, I have noted one of his last interviews here. When Mr. Russert interviewed Scott McClellan, he just focused on the facts. This is what a journalist was supposed to do. Here is the entire netcast:

I was a fan and will continue to be a fan. I will be using his insightful analysis and discussions throughout my classes simply to underscore how a story should be told. As for me, I will miss catching him on Sundays. Of course, the show will go on. But he lives a lasting legacy. Rest in Peace, Tim Russert!!!
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