Richistan...The Newest Country On Earth!!!

I am amazed as to what I learn every day. I wanted to welcome the world to the newest country on the world, Richistan. This term was coined by a Wall Street Journal Reporter (a paper by the way owned by a citizen of this country, Rupert Murdoch). He wrote a book about in 2007. Here is an excerpt of an interview done with the author noted in the Wall Street Journal Website:

"The words stuck with me. The wealthy weren’t just getting wealthier — they were forming their own virtual country. They were wealthier than most nations, with the top 1% controlling $17 trillion in wealth. And they were increasingly building a self-contained world, with its own health-care system (concierge doctors), travel system (private jets, destination clubs) and language. (”Who’s your household manager?”) They had created their own breakaway republic — one I called Richistan.

The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer and the rest of us are just trying to muddle through and get by. What will the future hold for us and our children? It is a scary thought.
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