May we live in interesting times......

Well, Senator Obama has clinched the Democratic Nomination for President. Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have apparently met, according to CNN (http://www.cnn.com) and BBC is reporting that they apparently at Senator Feinstein's home. The party is starting the process to gear up for the general election..and it will be a great election. To me, this is probably the pivotal election that would define where we go from here for another generation.

I have repeatedly reflected upon the world-wide challenges we face as a country. Although we are at peace here at home, we have profound challenges. The credit crisis continues, gas continues to rise, the gap between rich and poor continues to rise and we continue to be faced with changes in our economy and our long-term viability as an economic superpower. These are challenges that the new President has to face head-on.

Moving on to Africa, I have shared my frustrations with what is going on in Zimbabwe. It is shameful that Mugabe goes to Rome to participate in a Food Summit when his country is starving. Now, BBC has just reported that The so-called Zimbabwean Government has suspended aid operations until further notice because of the absurd charge that the aid organizations support the opposition. What is shameful is the silence of the South African Development Community and South Africa in particular. Apparently, South Africa had to intervene in order to get the leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change released. I wonder about the poor people of Zimbabwe...and pray for them. This is something that Robert Mugabe has forgotten. When you're in public service, that's exactly what it means...to serve the public.....

June 6 (which is tomorrow) is also the anniversary of the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. He was gunned down at the age of 42 at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. One of my cousins was there when he was assassinated. From what I have read of that year, it was another watershed year. Historians continue to debate what would have been possible if RFK would have survived.

The struggle to overcome must never be stopped...and we must continue to strive to "
create the future" as we were so eloquently reminded of by Tom Friedman in his book "the World is Flat". We owe it to our children and grandchildren. Our leaders need to remember that.

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