The Gas Tax Holiday....Is this a joke or what?

I caught a glimpse of cnn's this week in politics where there was talk of the economic program that senators mccain and obama are proposing. There was a clip about senator mccain touting the idea of the gas tax holiday again

Well I just got done filling up my gas tank. It cost me about 75 bucks. Something that used to cost me about 50 six months ago. The fed gas tax is around 19 cents a gallon. So I would have saved a little over 3 dollars. I have to fill my tank about three times a month. So for the month it would be around 10 bucks a month and 120 bucks a year. For a family with two cars it will be around 240 bucks a year. There aint much you can do with 240 bucks. I would rather pay that to insure reasonable roads and safe bridges. Senator McCain talked about folks getting a break buying textbooks. He apparently does not know that an average textbook is around 100 easy unless you get creative

Statistics are just that......but it is the real stories that we need to get out there. Maybe the real stories will help all those who are eyeing the biggest gift America can bestow upon a person to be more realistic and avoid short term gimmicks.
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