The Clintons

All the pundits have been at it since Tuesday on reflecting upon what went wrong with Mrs. Clinton's campaign. There was a New York Times story this morning (available at http://www.nytimes.com) about how the legacy may be tarnished because of the oversights. There was also a column in Time Magazine by Joe Klein (available at http://www.time.com) about "Why The Clinton Dynasty is Over." As a fan of both Bill & Hillary Clinton, I am proud to have been a supporter. President Clinton made a difference. In my view, he was one of our greatest Presidents. His personal failings are something for which he has to continue to carry the burden and is something that is purely a private and family matter. He left the country better than he inherited it. That's all that matters..and we have to remember that as Americans.

As for Senator Clinton, she shattered many myths. She is a tenacious fighter. She lost a good fight...so what!!! I hope she goes on and continues to insure that she lives up to her committment to represent the 18 million voters who voted for her. As she noted in her June 7 concession speech, the stakes are simply too high. In my view, she worked to embrace the very challenges that drove her and President Clinton to enter public service many years ago. Senator Obama's tribute on June 3rd said it best. We, as Americans, must be very proud as a country to have such great public servants who have worked to aspire to reach the highest office in our land. Now, the real battle begins!!!
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