Another Interesting Day.....

Al Gore endorsed Barack Obama today. The only major force that is right now missing are the Clintons. I would be very interested in finding out how they come out and in what fashion in they come out.

Now, on another note, the Iraqi Foreign Minister claims that negotiations over the Iraqi-US Status of Force agreement is a sovereign Iraqi decision. Sorry, Mr. Foreign Minister, that is as big a joke as I have ever heard. I don't know who to believe. For the sake of Iraqis, I do hope that the insurgency has been defeated.

As for Afghanistan, the so-called good war, Karzai the puppet spoke up yet again. He threatened to send his forces into Pakistan. He can't even fix his own country, yet he wants to attack Pakistan. Now, Al Jazeera is reporting that the Taliban are threatening to take over Kandahar, Afghanistan's Second City and Karzai's home town. Of course, the coalition will probably destroy the city in order to save it (remember falluja). The British are also sending more troops to fight the "good war". The wars seem never to end.
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