A Sad State of Affairs

China and Burma have suffered immensely. Nature has shown its' fury. It shows the fragile state of life on our little planet. We can't do much about that. But, we can do something about the increasingly divide between rich and poor. What has just happened in South Africa (ref: http://news.bbc.co.uk retrieved May 19 2008) is just one example. It is simply heartbreaking.

Gangs of youths have been attacking immigrants. The "rainbow nation" has been losing its' luster. It is the crime capital of the world. And it has a do-nothing President who has done nothing about Zimbabwe. There are an estimated three million refugees from Zimbabwe who simply wanted to have a bit of a better life, while a bitter old man clings on to power. South Africa is the success story of Africa. It risks losing that hard-won success. I pray that I am wrong for the sake of Africa.
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