Education in California

I ran across this interesting statistic in page 104 of the most recent edition of OC Family (http://www.ocfamily.com). It reports that "...According to the nonpartisna California Legistlative Analyst's Office (http://lao.ca.gov), the governor's proposed budget provides total K-12 per-pupil funding of $ 11,626 for 2008-2009. This is about $ 300, or 2.6% less than the total per-pupil funding for 2007-2008.

Education Week Magazine (http://www.edweek.org) says California spends about $ 2000 less per student than the national average and ranks 43rd among the states for per-pupil spending-and that's not counting the propsed reducation for next year...".

As I read this, I almost cried for my child and all the children in this state. It is sad that almost 2000 educators may lose their jobs. It is also insulting that the Governor talked about sacrifices and a "rainy day" fund during a recent visit to Orange County. The Governor and the entire leadership of the state did not see the tough times coming. Because of their incompetence, we have to pay the price. Education, just like anything, does start from the home. However, I am worried and frustruated by the absolute disregard for what is important. We have to invest in our future, now. Yet, we are losing that battle for potential short-term gains of the day. When will it end?
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