The Democratic Race...Continued.....

Today was the meeting to decide the fate of the Michigan and Florida Delegates. The rules committee of the Democratic National Committee decided to seat both delegations, granting them 1/2 vote. Senator Clinton reserved her right to appeal the decision to the Credentials Committee, as reported by CNN (Source: http://www.cnn.com, retrieved May 31, 2008). This is going on too long. I hope that the Super Delegates will make their decisions and make their decisions now. I am glad that Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi have spoken up about the need for the infighting to end. Senator McCain is using this to solidify his base, solidify his finances and be ready. Senator McCain will be one tough opponent and I don't think anyone realizes it. He fought back from being virtually eliminated to be the Republican Standard-bearer. Therefore if the Democratic Party thinks it is going to be easy, it will be in for a shock. Three Special Elections in the Congress will not necessarily translate into taking back the White House. That is the prize that will make all the difference in the world.
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