Al Jazeera

I have been listening to Al Jazeera. I can't stop listening to it...the information is straightforward, refreshing and frankly, reliable. My hat's off to the Emir of Qatar for what he's done in building such a wonderful jem for us all. The United States Government, though, is at it to tell the "truth". The various organs of the government are working to launch websites to tell the "truth" as they see it. I wonder if the President of the United States heard the plea of the 8-Year Old Boy in Baghdad when he talked about his Father who died. I can't understand the decision and really can't justify the rationale. Now, of course, Senator Clinton wanting to annihilate Iran upon a Iranian Nuclear attack on Israel is just beyond belief. Our political leaders just want to be tough. We have had eight years of a "tough" guy in the White House..and look at where we are. When will we wake up and deal with the real challenges? Just in case anyone forgot, oil hit $ 120/Barrel Monday...that's the real problem, not the side issues that deflects attention from the real challenges real people face.BTW, the Prime Minister of Israel, Ehut Olmert, is facing another investigation into corruption.
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