What a Day...yet again!!!

Well, Mugabe continued his fight to retain his title. He does not seem to get it...he wants to stay in office. The world (especially Africa) stays silent. Why is Africa suffering so much? Why can Africa be blessed with leaders who have the wisdom and the foresight? Africa needs Nelson Mandela to be replicated throughout that continent.
I truly don't want to condemn the entire African leadership. I think President Mbeki had the foresight to maintain sensible economic policies. I regard him as a failure because of Zimbabwe. I view President Mbeki as a bit of a tragic figure. The President of Liberia also appears to be another leader who is truly trying to overcome the legacy of war. As I think about Africa and the leaders, I also am scared to death about a basic human need: the need to eat. People are going hungry. I can sense prices going up. Riots are happening in the developing world. Food Banks in the United States seem to running low on food. I can't verify it right now. But, the thought of not being able to eat scares me to death.
We are also busy with the election here in the United States. I caught an unfortunate glimpse of Hannity and Colmes. They had Dick Morris on. Dick Morris has made a career out of bashing the Clintons. I read recently that he served as an advisor to Raul Odigna of Kenya. Why Dick Morris is even listened to is another one of the big mysteries that I just won't be able to figure it out.
The struggle does indeed continue.....
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