The Tragedy of Gaza

As I write this, The BBC is interviewing a physician in Gaza about the tragedy that is going on. As I listen to both sides of it, I am trying to make sense of it all. The UN says that they have ran out of fuel to provide food to Gaza. Yet, Israel says that there is fuel available. The tragedy goes on. People are dying and they are hungry. Yet, the world seems to be silent and the blame game seems to go on. I trust that someone listens to the pleadings by the head of UNRWA, who looks after Palestinian refugees.

The more shocking news to me was the arrest of a former Army Engineer on charges of spying for Israel. I don't know what else Israel wants. We provide $ 4 Billion a year to Israel, we give Israel a virtual blank check to do whatever it wants and yet the Government of Israel spies on the United States. That I just don't understand.
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