I paid a visit to Starbucks for the first time in a long time yesterday. In gearing up to register my two latest Starbucks Cards, I found out about a new site Starbucks has launched to engage its' customers. I posted this contribution to it:

Source: http://mystarbucksidea.force.com/ideas/ideaList.apexp?ext=0&lsi=1&m=2&ml=3, retrieved April 26, 2008

To the Starbucks Community,

During my MBA, my team and I did a project on Starbucks and kind of foresaw this day. We had some ideas which I will be happy to pass on to Mr. Schultz if there is interest...
On a side note, I was fascinated enough with Starbucks to look at joining Starbucks. I met with the Regional Manager and the Regional Human Resource Person....and I was told I was not a good "fit". I was amazed at the arrogance....I trust that the culture of arrogance is gone and humility is the new realm.

Last note: I had not been to Starbucks in a while. I went in to see what had changed. I saw the logo, the new Starbucks card design...but I wondered about the complicated matter in which the Starbucks card thing is being managed. Now that there is a move towards simplicity and focus on customers, let's make it as easy as possible. See whether the card can be registered instantly, for instance so that the benefits can be used instantly. In addition, the Starbucks partner talked about the fact that the free refills have to be used at the same store. I submit that this is a big problem. If I am on the road visiting clients and have a Starbucks card, if I buy it at one store using my card, I should be able to get a free refill at the next store if I show my card and my card is verified. Maybe I am expecting too much...but again these are extra-ordinary times.
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