Running On Empty.....

Yesterday's New York Times had an article about John McCain looking to pass on tax breaks. Supposedly, the tax breaks include a gas tax break (which I suppose is a good thing) and other tax breaks. Interestingly enough, though, I can't understand how he can give away something that he can't is beyond me. Things do not add up. Yet, John McCain continues to enjoy a free ride while the Democratic Candidates continue to tear each other up every day.

As for what is going on locally, our school district is working to try to save 266 teachers from losing their jobs. The Capistrano Unified School District Foundation has undertaken an effort to raise money from the community to help maintain the reasonable student to teacher ration. There has been a continued debate within the community about some of the policies that the School District may or may not have pursued. But, we are here now. I think we have enough of a strong community that would indeed rally to the cause. But, it pains me greatly when I see us sending $ 10 Billion/Month in cash we do not have for a war that we did not have to fight with no end in sight, yet our school has to recycle water bottles to help raise funds for schools. Our priorities are not in line with what Tom Friedman called, "creating the future".

I am amazed as to how George W. Bush is not being held accountable for all that he has done. All the stories on what is going on with the stress and the suicide rate due to repeated combat tours worries me. When will the suffering end? When will we focus on the right things? Who truly knows what the right thing is these days?
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