Mugabe The Clown

Mugabe spoke during Zimbabwe's Independence Day. He again tried the tired and old argument that everything wrong with Zimbabwe is the fault of the British. What blows me away is when leaders blame others for their problems. He has been in charge for 28 years. He is an old, frightened, little man who just does not want to give up. This stance is simply pathetic. This pathetic stance has made him into a clown. At least, the union dock workers in Durban in South Africa refused to unload a shipment of military gear destined for Zimbabwe. There is always something about the common man that amazes me. Maybe this courageous and bold act by the dock workers in Durban will wake up President Mbeki. Jacob Zuma and The South African Parliament Speaker have at least spoken of the idiocy of it all. I do feel for Africa, though.....
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