John McCain in New Orleans

CNN (http://www.cnn.com) and other news outlets reported on the John McCain Visit to New Orleans this past week. During that tour of the lower ninth ward in New Orleans, Senator McCain noted that he would have landed Air Force One at the nearest Air Force Base and gone right to work. Yet, a funny thing happend. DemocracyNow's Friday edition (http://www.democracynow.org) reported that while Katrina had landed, President Bush and Senator McCain were together at the President's Crawford, Texas Ranch. The President had apparently presented Senator McCain a cake for the Senator's 69th Birthday. They hypcrocacy of it all just blows me away. I have noted before that Senator McCain's service to the country is not in question--and should never be questioned. What I have noted (and at least both Democractic Candidates seem to agree) is that we will have Bush III if Senator McCain wins. That worries me greatly. There lies the challenge.


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