George W. Bush Owed a Debt of Gratitude???

The BBC just reported (and it was also noted on the White House website) that Gordon Brown, The UK Prime Minister, said that the world owed George W. Bush a debt of gratitude. First of, one must remind the Prime Minister that it is the people of the United States who have paid for this war by giving up a lot. I am counting the day when George W. Bush simply leaves the White House and I won't hear from him again. He can go speak at the right wing amen crowd and make his $ 100K+ per speech. I cannot understand why the world owes him when he destroyed a country in the name of saving it. I just listened to the BBC with stories of the "survival sex" trade in Iraq. It is simply sad...and George W. Bush needs to understand what he has done. This also holds true for John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Joe Lieberman and the rest of the "war hawks" who think that everything is solved at the barrel of the gun. War is what Douglas MacArthur called "most malignant of human creations". When will this malignancy be rid of? I wonder.......
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