Comedy Classic (Act II)

This past week saw the Bush Administration present, behind closed doors, proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Syria and North Korea were developing a nuclear bomb. Also, the rhetoric against Iran intensified. I was very disappointed when Senator Clinton said that she would annihilate Iran if Iran attacked Israel. I think the so-called President of Iran has a big mouth, which has led to such rhetoric. I don't know the man, but I think his speech in Qom recently on 9/11 truly led me to believe that he is living in a different planet. Furthermore, in my view, his bark is bigger than his bite. He is a mere "clerk". He has positioned himself as a man of the people. Yet, the people in Iran seem to be further and further on the edge of the abyss. Inflation is rising, unemployment is estimated at around 25-30% and the future is not as bright for the majority of Iranians. How can he position himself as a man of the people when he seems not to be aware of the plight of the ordinary folks who are suffering?

As I have thought about the predicament we face today in the Middle East (largely of our own making) It seems to me that no one seems to even know how to spell Diplomacy. I wonder when reason prevail? When we will stop rattling our sabres and start talking? Maybe I am expecting too much.
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