Briely On the Campaign, The Election & Senator McCain

The drama over the Democratic Nomination continues. Senator Obama hauled in $ 40 Million & Senator Clinton hauled in $ 20 Million. The momentum continues to be on Senator Obama's side. Senator Clinton is the underdog and she has said she won't quit. Senator McCain, though, is focused on building up party unity and solidifying his general election campaign coffers. He's also one lucky guy , being married to his wife Cindy. What they have been able to achieve is admirable. The commitment to public service the family has with a Son in the Marines and a Son in the Naval Academy speaks to what they believe in this country.

As I reflect upon the campaign, I am listening to a audio diary from Manuel in Zimbabwe who is talking about the misery of life in that country. Mugabe seems to have stuck his head in the sand. How can he go to sleep when there are millions of his compatriots who can't afford bread, have no running water and no electricity? I can't understand it...but I am not supposed to understand....
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