Ahmadinejad Strikes Yet Again....

The President of Iran has made it a point of visiting the provinces in Iran to be a "man of the people". Iran has enjoyed bumper earnings, but the country is suffering a budget deficit, inflation is rampant, unemployment is rising and yet somehow he's escaping unhurt. It is of course largely because of Ayatollah Khameini, the Supreme Jurispudence (as Juan Cole calls him).

I view him as either crazy or dellusional. In his latest provincial visit to Qum, he spoke of the 9/11 tragedy. He called it a suspect event, according to a BBC News report. I visited the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency find his speech. But, I went to the President's Website and this is exactly what he said (in farsi):

دكتر احمدي نژاد اظهار داشت: چهار پنج سال قبل در نيويورك اتفاق مشكوكي افتاد و ساختماني فرو ريخت و گفتند كه سه هزار نفر در آن حادثه كشته شدند ،اما هيچگاه اسامي آن را اعلام نكردند و به (http://www.president.ir, retrieved April 16, 2008).

The BBC's reporting is an exact translation of what he said. I think he is an outright liar and whatever credentials he claims to have as a muslim just went out the window. He was not here. This is one of the most terrible days that happened in the world . A bunch of thugs, in the name of Islam, caused so much suffering, death and destruction that can never be explained. How this man, who claims to be a academic and a muslim, to say such a thing is reprehensible. This man leaves me totally speechless. I hope the world does not judge Iran and its' 5000 years of proud history and contribution to world culture on such a misguided man.
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