What a Night!!!!

The General Election to choose the next President of the United States began tonight. John McCain became the presumptive Republican Nominee after he swept the four primaries. The Democrats will have a fight on their hands. Although some believe that McCain has some problems withe Republican base (the so-called Base plus strategy), I think he's smart enough to overcome it. Everyone needs to remember that this guy was written off and everyone anointed Mitt Romney the nominee (and then Giuliani & Thompson, etc.) before they all flamed out. Therefore, anyone who underestimates John McCain does not at his own peril.

As I have noted before, I will not question his patriotism and devotion to this country. His family has been part of the fabric of this country for over 200 years. What I have a problem with is his vision. I disagree with his vision of less taxes, less regulation. I disagree with the fact that we should stay in Iraq "for 100 years". I believe that we have some profound challenges at home. We have a runaway military budget we cannot afford. We have a health care system that needs fixing now. The idea of choice is just not going to fix it. We have yet to adjust to the world economy. I agree with Senator McCain in this regard. We do have to create the future. That time is now. I don't believe, though, that Senator McCain is that man to lead us in that charge.

As for the Democrats, I remember 1992 when Bill Clinton was written off. He fought off Jennifer Flowers, Bill Bradley, Dick Gephardt and others. Everyone wrote him off, but he stayed it and went on to win. Can Hillary do the same? I think she can. But, what I wonder is at what cost to the party....because 2008 is not 1992, and the stakes are higher because of the changes this country has undergone over the last seven years. This is probably the worst seven years of my lifetime, in terms of what the country has gone through. Of course, President Bush does not think so because he thinks that everything is great. But, when Warren Buffet says we are in a recession, then the President better wake up.

The struggle continues......
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