The Week That Was....

As I reflected upon John McCain and the continued Democratic Struggles, I was again amazed by what happened in Latin America. The Columbians killed a Senior FARC leader by crossing into Ecuador. The whole region went through a tyriad. Presidents called each other liars and threatened to start a war. But, a sensible guy in the person of the President of the Dominican Republic brought them back from the brink. As the BBC's Americas Editor Emilio San Pedro said, it was like Kids fighting and the teacher basically brought them back and told them not to do it again. I thought that to be the funny part.

Coming back to the United States, I was sorry to see the Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to Barrack Obama quit over a ill-advised comment regarding Senator Clinton. I heard her recently on Democracy Now and found her to be thoughtful, reflective and truly insightful. She was right in that such comments have no place as we as a country strive to go beyond the politics of the past seven years. The worrisome development is the economy, though. Through my current business interests, I am being directly affected by it. It is a worrisome development. The President admitted it as such. Although he refuses to acknowledge that the economy has officially gone into recession. When Warren Buffett noted that the economy is in a recession, then we're in a recession. The Fed has been worried, too. We'll have some rather tough times to navigate through over the ensuing months.
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