New Deal's Legacy...and A Challenge to Our Next President

When Franklin Roosevelt came to office, we had a country who was in despair. He began to turn the country around. Nothing was off the table to get the nation back to work to uplift it from its' state of despair. The Nation Magazine devoted quite a bit to this very subject recently. We are once again at such a turning point. I am going to take up the mantle of talking about the New Deal. We have a lot to learn from the New Deal. I yearn for a government that is compassionate and understands the plight of the under served. Ronald Reagan was wrong when he said Government was the problem. After twelve years of Reagan-Bush (I), Bill Clinton brought that commitment back. Government is not the answer to all the challenges. But, Government can play a constructive role in facilitating a resolution that is fair, just and equitable. The role can begin to be realized if the next President is courageous enough to remember the ordinary faces (like me) who are struggling to survive the tsunami that is coming down their way and not listen to the K-Street types who have a narrow agenda and are truly out of touch with the country.
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