McCain's Vision

Whenever I have thought about John McCain, I have noted his sacrifice and service to our country. But, I cannot accept what his vision is for us. To me, he has no vision. He visited Orange County, CA and said that homeowners and banks should not be bailed out. He talked in general about health care, but without what needed to be done. So, what is telling us is simply this: don't get sick and just pray that you can somehow ride out the economic slowdown tsunami. McCain will block any attempt to help the common man.

As for Foreign Policy, McCain has none. All he knows is how to use military force. It seems to me that 8 years of neo-con nonsense and lies is enough. McCain represents a continuation of the same nonsense of regime change and an inflated sense of his importance. He is dangerous, a menace to the future of our country and must be fought. Nothing less than our future is at stake. Yet, the Democratic Candidates are talking about releasing tax returns, about fighting for delegates and are taking their eyes of the ball.

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