Iraq...Five Years On.....

I caught a glimpse of CNN's reliable sources this morning. This week marks five years since Iraq was invaded. Senator McCain, according to CNN, BBC and other sources is in Iraq with Senator Lindsay Graham, Senator Joseph Lieberman to assess the situation. Questions may well come up about whether it is proper or not. I don't think it to be the question. The bigger question is whether the policy is working or not. Yes, the surge has given a pause to the violence.

In Juan Cole's Blog this morning, Patrick Coburn said that Iraq is gone. Yet, folks within the Republican party continue to cling on to the fantasy of saving "Iraq". Senator McCain's view that people who disagree with him are not patriotic is also beyond contempt. There is nothing wrong with admitting failure. Senator McCain needs to be held to account for his so-called "conservative" record. That conservative record has resulted in our country been overtaken by the European Union in terms of economic size. Conservatives should be free to speak up. But, they have had a 20 year run.

I continue to be worried for the future. I do think that the future is in our hands. We have to be aware and vigliant. The vigliance is key for us to insure a viable and safe future for our children.
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