Iran & Iraq...The Drama Goes On....

The polls in Iran have just opened. This is just a preview to reflect upon the frustruation that this so-called election entails: انتخابات در ایران آغاز شده است ....انتخابات فرمایشی‌

Now, to me, I would not vote in this election. The idea behind running in an election is for people to compete in an atmosphere of ideas. Yes, they have to go out and get signatures and get people to come on board. You compete for the votes and hopefully the best person wins. That's politics. Now, we have a government in Iran that has its' own concept of "managed democracy". First of, there is no democracy...not withstanding what ever the so-called President fo Iran, the so called Dr. Ahmadinejad says. The only people who suffer throughout it all are the 70 million Iranians.

As for Iraq, the killing fields are as busy as ever. Yet, Senator McCain continues to feed this myth of "success". Admiral Fallon paid the price for standing up to a President that has no concept of reality, has a sense of being a legend in his own brain and continues to believe that this is the right move for the country. Yet, the economy is going to hell...and all we hear from Washington is more happy talk.

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