Google and how it continues to amaze me

I, as others, owe a debt of gratitude to Google. I have been able to work on and create a legacy via my blog because of Google and its' wonderful tool, Blogger. I do, at times, worry about the influence that Google has. However, Google has evolved and created a wonderful way to create an alternative to everything Microsoft. Their legacy will be forever enshrined for all us--especially an ordinary face like me.

Google's latest innovation is available here: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/. As I was checking this out, I thought about how democratic this very innovation is. The average person may have to pay thousands of dollars to an Architect to come up with many of the designs. This will force Architects and Designers to figure out a way to add more value to their work and not just merely do sketching. As for some of the other initiatives Google has undertaken (whether it is Android, OpenSocial and many others), all I can say to them is this: Right on....keep at it....and don't continue to rest on your achievements. There has been too many companies that go to be too big, too arrogant and joined the dustbin of history.
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