Forgiveness and its' nobility

This last three months saw reason also prevailing in Kenya after mindless violence and useless deaths. . Although Kenya is yet to have a government, at least they’re not killing each other anymore. I was moved by Raul Odigna statement, when he said that “…..You cannot forget the past, but you can forgive it…..”. According to the Financial Times story, he adapted Jomo Kenyatta’s message to the British who had imprisoned him. Odinga went on to say that, “…..Everything in life is in the future. You Don’t want to continue to be buried in the past…” This is powerful for all of us who constantly strive to better our lives, yet somehow are trapped in our past mistakes and never wish to let go. We need to not only be able to forgive others who may have wronged us, but also forgive ourselves and learn from our mistakes. I pray for all to adapt this mantra for the better of us of all.

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