The Democratic Nominee For President

Today, Barrack Obama won Missisisipi. Why is that critical? For one thing, it is because as Senator Obama puts it, "...it is another win in our column". Although I am a clintonista, I think Senator Clinton ought to start thinking about how she's going to be the unifier. The Democratic Party needs to begin the unification process now or else John McCain will drive a Mac Truck through the opening. There is nothing wrong with being graceful. She has carved herself out a very powerful position in the Senate with her work over the last seven years. Give Barrack Obama the chance to begin the process of building a team for the general election. I think this is even more so now, in light of the story I just read in CNN noting that Barrack Obama has won the Caucus in Texas and will end up with more delegates.

Although it is not over yet, I think the party elders need to step up and bring this process to closure. My party, the Democratic Party, is better for it simply because the Democratic Base is motivated and wants to win. We have to begin to come together now...for the sake of our country's future.
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