California....and Why It Should Matter???

Gray Davis was one of the most knowledgeable and savvy Governors California had. I was sorry that he was recalled. It turned out that Enron did him in. When our Present Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, defeated Gray Davis in the recall, I remained hopeful. Now, I realized how naive and stupid I was. John Burton's statement that "The governor will realize how screwed up it is to run this state"...has constantly struck in my mind. He has struck out some "popular" positions on global warming and did reach out to Democrats. But, this marketing slogan of him being a People's Governor was thrown out the window when he proposed a budget that sought to be balanced on the back of the children and the dispossessed. What has truly upset me is the fact that my son's first grade teacher may be losing his job. It is simply sad!!!

I have wondered and struggled with what I could do. I took this extremely token step today by firing off this note to the Governor via the Governor's website:


You claim to be the "people's governor". Nothing can be further from the truth. When I hear that my son's first grade teacher is in danger of losing his job, that is just wrong. When my local school district, Capistrano Unified in Orange County, has to balance its' budget on the back of kids to the tune of $ 28 Million, that's just wrong. You conservatives want your cake and want to eat it too. A ratio of 20 to 1 is big enough...how can people manage 30 to 1!! How can we be expected to be leading the world when we can't even educate our kids and realize what is important? Apparently you don't...despite your public posturing to the contrary.....

If This is harsh, who cares!!??!!!!! Politics is about choices, it is about sacrifices. But, some things must never be compromised on. The welfare of kids must be paramount. The "People's Governor" has forgotten it. Apparently he has ambitions to run for the Senate. Fat Chance!!!!

The struggle does indeed continue....
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