The World Today.....

Today saw Barrack Obama sustain his momentum. He won the Wisconsin Primary. I am a "Clintonista", because of the long-standing respect I have had for Bill Clinton ever since he helped to reshape the Democractic Party in the mid-80's. He understood that there had to be a different way, whereby government should be a "partner", not be the answer to all the problems. The race is not over. But, it is Obama's to lose.

Half way around the world, Pakistan repudiated Pervez Musharaf. Maybe this will help to save Pakistan. As I listen to the BBC, they're about to talk to Nawaz Sharif, the self-styled "lion of punjab" about the possiblity of a coalition government. What I was happy about was the fact that the elections were relatively violence-free. The Army Chief, General Kiani, has begun to disengage the Army from civilian institutions. It will be quite interesting to see how things turn out.

Coming back to our hemipshere, Fidel Castro retired officially as President of Cuba today. Whatever one may think of him, he is one of the giants of our time. I realize that many neo-cons and the Cubans in Miami don't like to hear it. But, I agree with President Lula of Brazil in this regard.

May we live in intersting times....
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