Super Tuesday...Will it be over?

The Economist dubbed the upcoming election as the "Greatest Show on Earth". Despite the fact that we are about to have the first $ 1 Billion Presidency, at least market forces have a strange way of working itself out. Senator Clinton and Senator Obama are vying for the Democratic Nomination. I think the Democractic Party will be stronger, more united and more progressive as a result of this dialogue. No matter what the pundits have said, Bill Clinton's advocacy of his wife is the right thing to do...and Senator Obama said is as much. I don't understand what folks meant by being "Presidential...".

I was sorry to see John Edwards stop his run for the Presidency. He gave voice for those of us who had no voice. He spoke for me and my aspirations. I trust that the two remaining leading Democractic Candidates will make sure that the aspirations of those of us who are "..faces in the crowd"...will be heard and will be addressed. I do worry about John McCain, though. I read Mark Penn's comments in Senator Clinton's Blog. I think Senator McCain is a formidable opponent and should not be taken lightly at all. I made these comments earlier in Senator Clinton's Campaign Blog to reflect upon this very fact:

"..Super Tuesday is before us....For the sake of our party, I hope that it is settled. In John McCain, we will have a tough and formidable opponent. I realize Mark Penn's view that Senator Clinton can beat Senator McCain. But, whatever one thinks of Senator McCain, his courage, committment to service and his willingness to tell it like it is not in doubt. The issue is one of vision as I see it. It is whether we want a vision of a someone is a neo-con's neo-con, or someone either Senator Clinton or even Senator Obama who want to change the mindset that has caused us to be ridiculed around the world. I was glad to read that Senator Clinton and Senator Obama started this during the latest debate in California....." As noted in : http://connect.hillaryclinton.com/blog/Mikeps-Blog/400017732, Feburary 2, 2008.

I do remain hopeful...but scared....we have some tough and challenging times before us.....
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