Our Future....Cont'd.....

The political debate about our future continues. The Democratic Debate is on-going. We continue to have a real horse race. There is a genuine fight for the soul of the party. I continue to have a problem with Senator Obama, though. He wants me to vote for him because he is "he". I realize that he's starting to talk more substance. But, there has to be a realization that he's asking us to appoint him the CEO of a 3-trillion organization. I wonder if he has what it takes to get it done. Making great speeches is one thing....talking the talk is another. That's my problem.

Moving on, the economy is in trouble. The Fed has stepped up and the economic stimulus package has passed. But, home prices continue to decline. People are simply not buying homes. The economic evolution we're seeing goes on. Although I counsel my students to position themselves to be "outsource proof" and "recession proof", it is increasingly difficult to do so. Maybe I'm too pessimitic. But, the signs continue to be worrying. The struggle continues.
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