What happened Today in South Carolina

John Kerry endorsed Barrack Obama. First of, I view this endorsement as proof that John Kerry has no backbone. I supported him during his campaign for the Senate, enthusiastically voted for him and his running mate, John Edwards, in 2004 even though he was a lousy candidate and did not have the political backbone to beat the Republicans at their own game. I view him responsible for giving us the last four years of Bush, just as I blame Ralph Nader I have no quarrel with what he did in Vietnam, his opposition to the war and his long public service and his accomplishments. But, to me, politics also means honor. He could have stayed quiet and worked to support the nominee of the party. He elected not to do that.

As for Barrack Obama, I think his message of hope is starting to resonate. However, I submit that he could have waited. I knew he had something in him when I heard him in Chicago in 2004 as he was running for the Senate and when the Republicans, in their desperation, decided to the run Alan Keyes against him. He trounced Alan Keyes and of course, the rest is history. What will determine the course of the Election is February 5. Beyond that, those of us who want change have to get behind the idea of change and truly work to make it happen.

More to come......


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