What A Day!!!!

What a Day, Today!!! John Edwards dropped out of the race for President. I am sorry for it. He was the voice for the poor. His program was a forward looking program that promised to uplift our lives. I hope that the remaining two candidates for the Democratic Nomination for President will understand that the people are hungry for change. I do get scared, again, by Ralph Nader. Why can't he just give up....he does not want to accept the fact that his participation gave us 8 years of George W. Bush. Any rationalization or justification will never wash away his political sin.

As for the Republicans, well Rudy Giulani withdrew...and not soon enough in my view!!! He endorsed John McCain Today. There is no question of John McCain's service to the United States and what he suffered. There is word that the Governor of California is about to endorse him as well. McCain is now the frontrunner. For the Democrats to counter this, they have to basically show how out of touch he is. Simply cutting taxes is not enough. He supported a war that did not have to be fought, has almost cost this country billions while the country is suffering from increasingly poor service. I can't phantom when we spend money overseas under the guise of being scared when my kids have to sell gift paper to help fund their schools. In California, schools are about to lose funding due to the implosion in the economy. What is the solution that Mr. McCain has? Cut Taxes for the richest lot among us...that's the problem I have with Senator McCain. There is no question of his patroitsim, his service and speaking up for what he believes in. But, in these tough times, it is simply not enough....not enough!!!!

I am concerned...and worried!!!
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