Kenya, Our Elections and All that Jazz....

Well, Kenya has succumbed to violence. It is sad, to say the least. Why the lust of power consumes even someone like Kibaki who came into power with so much promise. The idea of tribalism that continues to haunt Africa is the greatest challenge Africa faces. If tribalism cannot be overcome, economic inequality, Aids and all the other challenges can't possibly even begin to be addressed. Kenya was a rare success story..and Kibaki has destroyed it. He has turned into another Mugabe. I fear that Zuma will go down the same path, despite the speech he made about unity as he faces the prospect of being indicted on corruption. I won't even begin to talk about Congo and the sad state of affairs it is in now.

As for our elections, we still seem to have a race. Romney just won Michigan, This means that the Republicans will continue to battle it out. February 5th will hopefully settle the issue so that we can all start thinking about our choices for the General Election. One thing has become clear: The time for change is now..and people are yearning for it. We have tough economic times ahead of us and the choices before us are going to be tough and the road hard.
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