John Bolton Strikes Again!!

Why I even bother with John Bolton is beyond me. But, this man seems to be everywhere these days. He was featured on the BBC regarding a story on the UN. Apparently, the UN has initiated a scheme to teach school children about the UN by teaming with Spiderman. Marvel Comics helped with the scheme. Yet, John Bolton said, "....it is a sign of how desparate they are..." The undermining of the UN and international treaties has been a hallmark of this Adminstration. And Mr. Bolton, more than any other man, is responsible for the profound challenges that the UN continues to have over the past seven years. I would not even know what to say to such a man. Yes, he probably made a profound sacrifice to join the public service. I would have had him stay at one of the Washington Think Tanks and continue his speech making....and I'd probably would read at least one of his position papers. But, to give him power as he enjoyed, was the height of irresponsiblity. John Bolton was not the only one, but one of many who have been responsible for the profound sense of despair that I feel right now. I am confident that the people will rise up and vote for change. I pray that I make the right choice...because the choices are quite tough.....
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