The Democratic Campaign For President

Barrack Obama won some endorsements today. Senator Kennedy endorsed Obama, along with JFK's daughter Caroline. I respect Senator Kennedy's judgement. But, I respectfully disagree with it. I would have liked for Senator Kennedy to stay neutral. Yet, he decided otherwise. I wish it was otherwise.

I have had a chance to review Senator Obama's plans and will continue to visit his website (http://www.barackobama.com). One thing I respectfully disagree with him is on the 2006 war. The war has led to instability in Lebanon that could ignite the civil war at any minute. His ill-advised comment about leading attacks into Pakistan had no foresight at all. I agree with him that we need change. However, change for change's sake is simply not possible. We have to know why we are changing. I don't know if Barrack Obama is that man who is able to lead that change.
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