2008....A Tough Month So far!!!!

It has been a tough month, so far. We have had a massive sell-off in the stock market, the world continues to be as volatile as ever and we continue to be faced with profound change throughout our world. The world elite converged at Davos to talk about what they perceive as the challenges the world has and how to go about changing it. Bill Gates stepped up with about $ 320 Million in grants to help farming in poor countries. I commend him for it.
As the first month of 2008 draws to a close, I continue to be concerned about my world. I continue to worry about the health of "spaceship earth". I continue to worried about all the hotspots of the world. I also continue to struggle with what I can do to help change the world. The world has so much potential for development and for peace and prosperity. I remain confident and convinced that the Presidential Election will help usher in a new era after the disaster of Bush
43. The struggle will continue. I know my struggle will continue.
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