The Latest NIE On Iran

The latest NIE was just published by the US Intelligence Community. In a way, it vindicates Iran. It appears, though, that the response of the world community has been guarded at best. However, the President of the United States still told the world that he thinks Iran is a threat. The Government in Iran is not the issue here at all. Many around the world know and understand that Iran deserves a lot better than what it is getting today from its' government. It has a ruling clergy who is dominating Iran and is lining up its' own pockets. It has a President who is a fanatic and does not believe in fundemental economics. Yet, Iran is a country with immense potential. It is blessed with abundant natural resources, a smart, resourceful and young populace with great potential. We have to engage Iran to encourage and facilitate change in a way that would benefit the 60% of Iranians who are under the age of 30. Yet, Mr. Bush has chosen the path of confortation yet again.

Mr. Bush will be President for another 13 months. I am counting each and every day until the next Adminstration. Mr. Bush's last year will promise to be one of the tougher years in recent memory both domestically and internationally. Mr. Bush wants to bring peace to the Middle East. If his definition of peace is what has been done to Iraq, the disaster being faced in Afghanistan AND the continued challenges in Pakistan, he has done more than enough!!!

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