Mr. Chavez (II)

Well, looks like Mr. Chavez is at it again. He called the King of Spain arrogant. Well, I have news for him. Once person is not arrogant is King Juan Carlos. He did more than anyone to transition a fascist Spain into the vibrant democracy it is today. He stood down the coup plotters in 1981 when he went on National Television to tell the world that he was for Democracy. I compare King Juan Carlos to Hugo Chavez, who thinks he is Fidel Castro. Mr. Chavez is amassing power at a greater degree that I think would frighten his hero, Simon Bolivar--the great liberator of South America. As for Fidel, whatever he is , there will only be one Fidel Castro. There will never be another one. Mr. Chavez does not seem to realize that. Chavez also does not seem to realize that what he is enjoying from oil will not last forever.
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