What a Disappointment!!!!

The United States just came through on its' threat and imposed new sanctions on Iran. As Philip Stevens of the Financial Times noted in his Friday column, the Government in Iran is not a nice bunch of folks to deal with. But, he reminds us not to make a second miscalculation. The folks running Iran today are ruthless, have scant regard for human rights and their management of economic affairs is a disaster. Iran has a President that does not believe in Interest Rates, is superstitious to the nth degree and does not understand the world we live in. The Iranian Constitution designates the President as the second highest authority in Iran and the head of the Executive Branch. But, in fact, he has NO authority. As a mere "clerk", he is usurped by the Supreme Leader in both domestic and foreign policy. Therefore, all the huff and puff going on about what the President of Iran says is just a smoke screen. Iran needs to be fully understood and all options needs to be exhausted before consideration is given for even one missile to be launched. Why can't we learn from Iraq? Isn't one fiasco enough?

As for the State Department, they seem to be not paying attention to the world--at least at the political level. They seem not to be aware of history--or just ignore it. Nicholas Burns, the State Department point man on Iran,supposedly gave a speech accusing Iran of supplying the Taliban. I guess if you just keeping spreading misinformation, it will eventually be believed. Mr. Burns seems to forget that Iran almost went to war with the Taliban. So, this nonsense that is coming out of the mouth of officials blows me away. Of course, for a government whose proof of the weapons of mass destruction was the joke of a speech by Colin Powell, anything is possible.

The BBC reports that the Vice President continues to push for a military strike against Iran. It appears that at least Mr. Gates and Ms. Rice have stood up to him. I wonder how long though? The United States has pressing domestic challenges, yet we want to go out and strike Iran. This Administration has no clue how to spell the word diplomacy and only pays it lip service when it serves its' own narrow interests--whatever it may be. Iran is the new bogeyman...to divert attention from the fiasco of the last 7 years....

It is time for responsible adults to get back and take the reins of government. We have serious challenges that require serious, deliberative leadership. On all fronts, the first MBA president has failed us. I am sure many will disagree with me. But look at the record...and judge for yourself.....

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