Turkey, the Kurds & All that Jazz

Turkey and the Kurds are at it again. The Turks lost 12 soldiers in a PKK attack. The Iraqis are trying to prevent an incursion by the Turks. What is bothersome was a comment by the U.S. Commander for that Region that he was going to do "absolutely nothing." He should have kept his mouth shut and deferred either to Ambassador Crocker or Washington. This kind of attitude will sure bring a massive Turkish response that would again undermine peace and stability in the region. Right now, oil is at almost $ 100. It all started when the "decider" decided to invade Iraq. And look where it got us....almost 4000 dead, half-a-trillion in our treasure, millions of refugees, the whole region in turmoil...and a dubious claim as to the fact that we're "safer"....I wonder!!!!
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