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The Iraq Challenge, the Home Front & Other Thoughts....

The past two weeks has again seen continued carnage in Iraq and ever more challenges in Afghansitan and throughout the world. One of the Islam's Holiest Shrines was just blown up, apparently, according to the BBC:

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/ 6747419.stm, retrieved June 13, 2007

I have been silent for a while while I continue to think through the challenges we have. And it depresses me ever more...

I hear the Adminstration continuing to insist that this is going to work. And of course, folks Like Senator Lieberman who cling on to this fantasy of a strategy want to now extend the war to Iran. I used to think that we could make a difference. It seems that we can't.

As I continue to ponder the challenges we face throughout the world, I do take comfort at least in the fact that a lot of folks a lot smarter than I also seem not to know. The Baker-Hamilton Report gave us a way out. The President chose to ignore it. The President claims that he's following it. I respectfully disagree. When will The President realize this? When will the President listen? When will the "decider" decide? This is even more distrubing when Senator Feinstein is apparently trying to find a billion to fund gang prevention efforts while LA is engulfed in a gang war that does not want to end, yet we seem to be throwing money away in Iraq--all in the name of Democracy and Freedom. The tragedy of Iraq is this: we have made Saddam Hussein look good...and we have the President of the United States to thank for that....

It is hard to be optimistic, but is there a choice?
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