The Elections in France & Other Thoughts

Nicholas Sarkozy has been elected the New President of France. From what I have read of him, he is a supposed man of action. He is a fierce, proud Frenchman. I wish him well. I will remember Jacque Chirac Fondly, though. Mr. Chirac stood up for Palestinian Rights. I was amazed when I saw him go in the face of Israeli Police and told them off. That took guts and courage. I also will remember him for launching France24 (http://www.france24.com). I am grateful for France24, the BBC and other alternative media because the alternative is just awful.
Just today, I was the unfortunate witness to it when I briefly saw Bill O'Reilly lambast General Wes Clark about George Soros. O'Reilly was literally yelling at him. I thought O'Reilly was going to have a heart attack. Mr. O'Reilly and his crowd just seem to forget how folks like the Devos' and others bankrolled the rise of the right wing. I take comfort in the fact that their days are numbered.
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