The French Election

France has voted. Over 84% of the people voted in the first round. That's an impressive achievement. I wish it was ever so in the United States.


Anonymous said...

I would love it if every one took advantage of the right to vote. However with the lies that have been spread about how the electorial college really works, I think people have been discouraged from voting.The bible says that the people parish from lack of knowledge and I believe that is what has happened with our government. The knowledge is out there for the people to get but no one wants to teach the people to understand what it is that they are getting.Thus our society has deminished to only half of the population voting and less than half of the people knowing what it is they are voting for.

Anonymous said...

The American people have lost faith in the voting system. They feel that their votes mean nothing. Take Bush's election, he became president without even winning the election.
Many people do not vote because they do not think that our elected officals care about what we want or need. Also with the voting poll being rigged, what would be the use to vote.

The American people need to get their heads out of the sand and start speaking up. We have already lost to many of our rights as it is.
Audrey Hazen CS113-19